Why Singapore is the Best Place for Expats

Many surveys agree that Singapore is the best place for expats to live, play and work. Singapore outwitted other countries like Switzerland, Germany and United States. We are curious why our tiny (but mighty) country beat all the others.

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Here are the reasons why our island-city is the best place for expats:

  • Difference in standard of living: Expats here enjoy more disposable income than locals. According to the latest survey of HSBC, many expats earn excess of at least S$284,000. The average pay is calculated at S$368,000. Average locals on the other hand earn at least S$4,600 a month. In terms of wages and standard of living, HSBC ranked New Zealand (2nd) and Sweden (3rd).


  • Elevated quality of life: As mentioned above, expats here enjoy more disposable income so they can get the best schools, homes and healthcare.


  • Business haven: The country is open to businessmen who have money or have ideas.


  • Add-ons: Here, locals enjoy safety, food and the culture. This is also available for expats who want to immerse in the community. We wouldn’t worry about our kids walking around the streets. The island-city boasts of egalitarian society where the four major races (Malay, Chinese, Indians and Eurasians) as well as national languages (Tamil, English, Malay and Mandarin) freely interact and live in harmony.

Is Singapore really the best place only for expats? How about its locals? For sure, locals are pretty happy of the standard of living here. Though we are considered as one of the most expensive cities in the world, the fact remains that we are progressing.