What You Need to Know About Knickers


Here in Singapore, we do not hear the word knickers everyday but it should be something that we should be aware about. Knickers is a British word that signifies a woman’s underpants. Knickers is not used in America or Canada because they prefer “panties”. Regardless of what term you use, it is time to know that studies reveal knickers can affect your fertility.


When choosing knickers, women usually pick comfort over style. This is the reason why cotton knickers are preferred by many women around the world. However, recent study revealed that cotton knickers could affect fertility. The chemicals used by manufacturers to treat cotton can affect fertility. You should know that cottons used in making underwear went through a treatment. The treatment includes infusing cottons with Nonylphenol Ethoxy lates (NPEs). NPEs are present especially in detergents used by many fabric makers.

The thing is that there are some cases that the residue of NPEs can end up in the finished product. So how can it affect fertility? According to one study, the manifestation of NPEs in pregnant women can have an effect on their placenta. There had been extreme cases noted that resulted to pregnancy complications or worse, miscarriage. For those who are trying to get pregnant, the capability of the embryo to implant can be affected.


More research should be done to strongly establish the link between pregnancy complications or fertility and NPEs. It doesn’t hurt to be knickers aware though. The good news is that there is a brand that is keenly aware of the dangers of NPEs and launched chemical free and organic underwear. Elena Antoniou, co-founder of the brand said that the aim of manufacturing chemical free and organic underwear is to give women all over the world the peace of mind that they deserve every time they put their underwear every day.

The brand is called Mighty Good Undies. According to Elena, the cotton used are organically grown not to mention is Fairtrade Cotton Standard certified. The certification warrants that cottons are grown and processed without the presence of harmful pesticides and toxic chemicals that can leave residue on underwear that can affect fertility.

Now that you are aware, it doesn’t mean that you should not wear underwear. You should wear underwear for hygiene purposes but this means that you have to choose accordingly. Cotton underwear is comfortable but if it means affecting your fertility, it is time to be picky of the things that you have to wear. Research for other brands that offer chemical free and organic cotton.