What You Need to Know About Cryonics  


Not all Singaporeans know about cryonics. For the information of everybody, cryonics is the preservation of animals and humans in low temperature. The pet owners or loved ones of a legally dead patient considered preservation in the hopes of healing and resuscitation in the future.


We haven’t heard of a Singaporean who considered cryopreservation yet but the idea of healing and resuscitation in the future is appealing to more and more people. In fact, the youngest person to be cryonically preserved is named.

The two year old toddler from Thailand underwent cryopreservation. Matheryn Naovaratpong suffered a rare cancer called ependymoblastoma. Her family considered the cryopreservation in the hopes that one day she will be revived – when a cure will be discovered.


  • Preservation: The long term cryopreservation is possible thru cooling to near 77.15 kelvin or approximately -196.01°C. This temperature is otherwise called liquid nitrogen’s boiling point. There is a belief that cells will burst because of the formation of ice crystals but cryoprotectants are developed to prevent crystal or ice formation.
  • Revival: Everyone who considers cryopreservation believes that revival is possible in the future. This is possible with the help of nanomedicine, bioengineering or mind uploading technologies. Revival entails repairing damage caused by lack of oxygen, fracturing, freezing tissues and many others.
  • Costs: The costs of cryopreservation vary. The thought of storing the body for many decades (or possibly centuries) are costly. The cost also depends on the cryonics company. For example, in Alcor, cryopreservation of the full body will cost us $250,000 not to include the $500 annual membership fee.