Ways to Stay Happy and Positive

When we get buried with too much work and stress, we find it hard to see the positive moments in our day to day life. When we get all that to build up, we’re setting ourselves up for anxiety and a depressed state. Here, then are some ways for you to stay smiling even on gloomy days!

Step out of your comfort zone

Learning to overcome your fears helps you become more confident and also make discover more things about yourself. When you open yourself up to new experience, you’ll always see life with fresh eyes and you’ll always have something new to learn and be proud of. Consequently, you’ll have lesser regrets in the future if you’re able to step above your fears.

Eat healthily, have enough sleep, and exercise  

Eating and sleeping are already obvious things that we do on a regular basis. But eating right and sleeping enough hours not only helps us live a healthy lifestyle but also gives a significant boost to our mood. Exercising, though, can be quite challenging for some people. When you do it though, you’ll find that it can be a great stress reliever. Go and lift weights at ActiveSG or any gym at all, hike or jog around MacRitchie, or cycle around the city even just once a week.

Find the positive in a negative situation  

There will always be challenges in our life that seem hard to win against Staying positive in those times can help us go through them faster and easier. Remember that there will always be something positive in every bad circumstance we encounter. It can be life-long knowledge or a temporary solution, either way finding that positive side will help you big time.

Don’t take criticism too hard

Because we are social beings, other people can also affect how we feel. Understand that even when you feel happy, there will be others who feel otherwise. Taking criticism healthily allows you to avoid conflict and also helps you learn from that situation, whether or not you were in the wrong.

Let your emotions flow

Especially if it’s an unavoidable circumstance, it’s better to recognize and accept the situation as it is. If you’re really sad, then be sad. Numbing your emotions and pretending that nothing is wrong will only do you more harm than good in the long-term. Letting your emotions flow can help you move on from that situation and enable you to think more positively in the future.

Help others

You may at times notice that smiling is contagious. When you’re feeling happy, it becomes easier to lend a hand to others. If they’re having a hard time, chances are you’ll make them feel better and they may even return the favor soon. Doing this will also help you build better relationships with the people around you and provide you with a healthier and more positive environment.