Types of Golf Clubs

Golf is played with various types of golf clubs. These clubs are especially designed to hit the ball in different degrees and distances. The usual set of golf clubs comprises a combination of different types so the player has one for every kind of shot he will be facing.  So, let’s find out what are these types of clubs and their functions.



If you’re looking for golf clubs that can hit the farthest, wood type is the best to look for. Golf clubs of this type has heads made of wood. The head of a wood golf club is large and rounded so the golfer can easily glide over the ground as he throw a hit to the ball.


Iron golf clubs have heads made of metal, and are usually used when the ball is lesser than 200 yards from the target. The typical lofts for this kind of club range from 16 – 60 degrees. Intermediate and long irons are used in fairway and other easier grounds, while short irons are used in tough grounds.


Wedges are used to make the ball fly high before approaching the putting surface. A lob wedge has high loft with small distance perfect for approach shots. The gap wedge lets the player take a full swing and throw the ball about 110 yards. Golf club sets usually include pitching wedge, while other wedges should be bought separately.


Putters are used for moves approaching the hole.  It has a standard size of 34-35 inches tall, but also comes in different sizes. Broomstick putter and belly putter are much taller and are used by the player to have better putting stroke in case he’s having difficulty in using a standard putter.