Turning Your Yard Into a Lovely Wedding Venue


Having a spacious backyard means you have a good amount of space for any event you want to have—including your wedding. You can have any style, from a simple ceremony to a luxurious wedding, at the convenience of your own home. It only depends on how much time and money you’re willing to dedicate for this celebration. Here are some tips to help you transform an ordinary backyard into a romantic venue for your big day.


  1. Space

Know your number of guests and make sure your space can accommodate it. This doesn’t mean though that you can’t have your dream wedding in your backyard if you have larger number of guests. Look at your property in a different perspective. See if you cn include the deck and porch aside from the open grassy area you already have.

  1. Weather

Weather is unpredictable, and it can change in a snap of a finger. Even though the weather forecast says it’s going to be sunny on your special day, ensure that your guests and wedding decor won’t get wet on your big day by having a contingency plan ready.

  1. Lighting

With any outdoor event, lighting can be tricky because you have to create it from scratch. Depending on your wedding theme and the time of the event, you might want to consider adding special lighting. Simple light effects such as candles in jars and string lights scattered around the yard lends a warm, romantic look to your venue.

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  1. Plants and Floral

When grooming your yard, consider planting more blooms. The key here is early preparation so the flowers will have enough time to bloom and flourish. Try planting a mix of flowers with lovely colours and scent, but watch out for flowers that attract annoying bees and bugs.

  1. Theme

To tie the entire look together, follow a theme when planning for your wedding decor. Do you want a beach-inspired theme or a fairytale-like one? Having a colour scheme is another way to create a harmonious look. Take a cue from the existing colours you have in your yard; it’s easier to pick decor pieces this way.

Who says weddings should only be held at posh hotels and expensive resorts? Even with the limited space of your own backyard, you can still have that romantic and magical wedding of your dreams.