Tips on Picking the Right Umbrella

Rain is ruling over Singapore and other parts of Southeast Asia. Singaporeans should be advised to always bring their umbrellas especially if there are rain/thunderstorm forecasts. Whenever you go out, it is imperative that you check the weather advisories like how you check the PSI rating every day. Weather is an important factor and it should not be ignored.

love rain umbrella

When there is a rainfall warning, you have to bring umbrellas. It will serve as your protection from sickness and harsh weather. Umbrellas are light, cheap and portable. Looking for it here in Singapore is as easy as 1 2 3 but you have to look beyond. There are many choices available and you need to pick up the right one. Here are some tips of picking the right umbrella:

  • Weight and bulk: Other people do not bring umbrellas because of its weight. When you choose an umbrella, consider its weight and how big it is. If you travel a lot, it is best to choose a lightweight umbrella.
  • Easy to open and close: If you travel a lot, opening and closing an umbrella is troublesome. Perhaps you have to choose an umbrella that automatically opens or closes. It will depend on you.
  • Size of the umbrella hood: Another factor is the size of the umbrella hood. There are umbrellas with small coverage; it can only accommodate one person. If you want to share your umbrella, you have to look for umbrellas with wider coverage. You need to check its hood.


  • Waterproof and windproof: Umbrellas should be made durable. There are manufacturers that make sure their umbrellas will not rust or turn. You have to look for that. It is embarrassing when your umbrella turns, right?
  • Colour and design: If you are the type that fancy over the colour and design of all your things, umbrella is no different. Umbrella manufacturers offer different colours and designs for each persona.
  • Storing: You have to make sure that the umbrella has its own pouch for storing purposes. Look for pouches with handles or loops so it can be carried easily.

Hopefully you will know what to choose considering the things mentioned above. You have to choose an umbrella that fits your lifestyle and you are comfortable with. There are others who find selecting umbrella a daunting task but actually it is easy if you know the basics.

Remember that umbrellas can give shade when it is hot and shelter when it is raining. So, what are you waiting for? Buy one now.