Tips for Living in a Small Space


Here in Singapore, we have to make most of our allotted space if we do not want to be swallowed or constrained by it. Unless we have enough money to buy the adjoining units, we have to make most of the space. So, how do we maximize our small spaces?


Well, the easy answer is to get an interior decorator and let her creativity and knowledge do the trick. This entails money. If we have enough for a consultation and decoration, we should, by all means, hire designers or decorators. They know what to do and they can make our tiny living spaces into a fulfilling one.

If in this case we want to incur the least amount of cost, we have to trust our inner creativity and just go with it. The best thing is that we have plenty of resources to go by. We only need to be patient and look for the right ideas. Here are some secrets or ideas for small spaces that we will find helpful and satisfying:

  1. Put a table lamp on the kitchen counter. Now this is a little bit out of the conventional. Why should we put table lamp on the kitchen counter? The lamp will make the kitchen more intimate than just purely utilitarian. It will make a whole lot of difference.
  1. Forego having a coffee table. We love to drink coffee thereby the big coffee tables. This is space consuming. This is the time that we sacrifice our big coffee tables with small side tables.
  1. Opt for glass shower doors. When we see a window, we will realize how enclosed our space is and how tiny it is. The best thing to do is install shower glass doors. These doors will create an illusion of bigger space.


  1. Be creative with your storage. Living in a small space means we have to be organized. Clutters will surely mess our space making it smaller. In this case, we have to look for innovative storage solution. We can put storages under our bed or under our chairs or we can hang it.
  1. Have your sink outside the bathroom. Sink doesn’t have to be in the bathroom for it to work. If we have a family, we have to place the sink at the corner of the master bedroom so we do not have to wait for others to finish before we can use the sink.

These are just examples. There are a lot of ideas out there only if we consider it. We should not live as it is given a small space. We can do so much better.