The Understanding of Medical Technology Manufacturing

Also simultaneously various medical technology companies have placed in their base with Singapore. The companies include CIBA Vision, Baxter, Japan Medical Supply, and Siemens et al. The reason being-many companies chose Singapore simply due to its electronic industry, availability of various services like the contract manufacturing service and logistics as well as sterilisation. With all these kind of developments Singapore has rightly paved way to employment and global talent especially in areas such as water technology, clean technology and various biomedical services.


A few industry experts emphasized the positive forecast towards Singapore’s Manufacturing unit. Professor Bhattacharya-founder of the Warwick Manufacturing group has deeply emphasised three crucial reasons for Singapore’s future success. The first reason being Terrorism which has strengthened the growth of the security industry, secondly- the increasing demand for energy and its concerns relating to the climate change and lastly due to health which provides greater chances for Singapore’s production of equipments.


However for Singapore to develop vigorously in this industry and compete with the rest would be through innovation constantly. Products should be made keeping in mind the consumers need, or else would be considered useless. As Mr. Lee rightly said, what the country needs is- thinking engineers who have a real strong grasp of what drives business in the mainstream market. Singapore had definitely made its mark globally and is a living example not only for its manufacturing industry but also because of its extensive research.