The Secrets of Six-Pack Abs, Revealed!


Having a well-carved six pack is almost everyone’s fitness goal. Is doing crunches enough to make those muscles appear? Know what should be done to get those lean muscles dominate your sexy facade.


  1. Make Every Muscle Work

Muscle is the body’s natural fat burner. It requires energy to work, which is why we burn calories and fats when we exercise. However, unlike cycling or running, resistance training causes significant damage to the muscle fibre, which is a good thing. The body expends energy to upgrade those fibres after an intense workout, and a single workout session boosts the metabolism for two days.

  1. Start Your Workout With Core Exercises

One common mistake that people make is to perform core exercises at the end of the workout session. According to a strength coach, training your core when your muscles are at their freshest achieves the fastest gain in strength. Strengthening the core first lets you lift heavier weights, therefore allowing more muscle to work and more calories to burn.

  1. Don’t Start with Crunches

While crunches are a core exercise, it pressures your lower spine and can affect the way you perform the rest of your routine. True core workouts, such as mountain climber, side plank, and push ups, train the muscles while keeping your spine stable in its natural alignment.


  1. Don’t Spend Much Time On Core Exercises

Though five minutes of workout isn’t enough to make those packs appear, it is just the right amount of time to dedicate for your core training. In fact, two to four sets of core exercises are enough to strengthen the muscles. A core routine for five minutes prior to weights can already provide the muscles the needed boost to fire better as you perform the rest of your exercises.

  1. Master the Art of Planking

Planking may appear very easy and boring—after all, it’s just about holding up a push-up position with your weight placed on your forearms. The truth is, if you’re doing it easily, then you must be doing it incorrectly. The correct planking should engage your core to be stiff by keeping you in balance.

It goes to show that achieving flat tummy is not just about doing core-focused exercises, but most importantly by performing the right workout routine. Matched with healthy diet, you’re sure to get that sexy, toned abs sooner than you expected.