The Networked Readiness Index

Singapore never fails global research studies. In the recently concluded Networked Readiness Index (NRI), Singapore maintained its status. It is still the second-most networked economy in the world next to Finland. NRI is part of the prestigious Global Information Technology Report (GITR).


NRI is made possible by Insead, Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management (Cornell University) and the World Economic Forum. The GITR evaluates one hundred forty eight economies. Their ranks will be determined using the results from NRI. NRI is the gauge of how markets utilize their Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to improve their productivity and development.

The report commended Singapore for its innovative environments which invite more businesses and investors. Singapore’s ICT is undoubtedly one of the best. The strategies developed by the government made it possible for the country to be included in the report. It is a great accomplishment considering that only Singapore within ASEAN that kept its place (among the top five) in the GITR ratings over the previous decade.

Other Nordic economies joined Finland in the top five spot – Sweden (3rd) and Netherlands (4th), Norway (5th) and Switzerland (6th). United Kingdom slid from 7th to 9th this year. In the case of United States, it moved from 9th to 7th. Other Asian Tigers also joined Singapore in the top ten spot – Hong Kong (8th), South Korea (10th), Japan (16th), China (62nd) and India (83rd). Australia (18th) is also included.

The government is surely proud of the achievements of the country. The country did not only dominate this report. We also dominate other reports like the 3rd in the world’s highest-quality educational system, 1st in math and science and many others.