The Joy of Caring for Pets


Responsible pet owners would tell you how rewarding an experience it is to have pets. Caring for dogs, cats and other pets have physical, mental and emotional benefits. Studies over the years have backed up these claims. Here are some of them.

Companionship and Friendship


Pets won’t ask about your background, preferences or your paycheck. They offer unconditional love no matter who you are. So it’s not unusual to hear some people say that pets are even better than humans when it comes to showing affection.


Touching Reduces Stress


There are studies that prove that contact with another living being can reduce stress. Stroking and cuddling with your pet can have a calming effect.


Practice Responsibility and Parenthood


A good indicator that you’re ready to have kids is your ability to look after another living being. Pets give a sense of purpose. If you have kids, raising a pet will also teach them empathy and responsibility.


Strengthen Family Bonds


Having pets at home will motivate everyone to do their part like taking turns in walking the dog or feeding the cat. A pet can be a part of the family and a refuge from the fast-paced life at work or school. Caring for your pets will help you learn to maintain a daily routine everyone can benefit from.


Good For Aging People

It’s not unusual to find therapy dogs for the aged or retirees. Pets can help fill your idle time with purpose. Instead of lying down or sitting all day, you have a reason to get up, exercise and socialize.


Prevent Allergies From Developing


Hugging your furry friend might not be an attractive scenario for people with allergies. There is a study however that children exposed to pets are less likely to develop allergies in the future.


Make New Friends


Meeting other pet owners is a great way to break the ice. Walking your dog in the park for example could be a way to start a conversation with other dog owners because you have something in common. You might even meet the love of your life through your pet.


Keeps Your Heart Healthy


When you come home stressed from work, a sincere greeting from a pet can instantly lighten your mood. Studies on heart-related diseases show that pet owners have a lower risk of developing heart problems because pets lower anxiety, blood pressure and cholesterol.


Motivation to Exercise


Owning a dog will be a good motivation to go out and walk. Dogs need regular exercise too because their bodies were built for strength and endurance. Exercise will help you maintain weight, lower cholesterol and blood pressure and avoid depression. Playing with your pets can have a calming effect after a hard day’s work.




Pet ownership requires responsibility. It’s a give-and-take relationship. Provide them with the right food, shelter and medical attention and you will have a great companion for a long time.