The Disadvantages of Relying Too Much On Fossil Fuel  


When we hear fossil fuels, it takes us back to prehistoric times. Fossil fuels are formed from the remains of dead animals and plants from ages ago. Fossil fuels can then be converted to liquid, solid or gas. It is widely used by the industry because they are less expensive and efficient. The thing is, fossil fuels are becoming more and more extinct as days go by.


We have to remember that fossil fuel is a non-renewable energy source. Aside from that, they contribute massive damage to the planet because of global warming. There are array of disadvantages associated with fossil fuels.

  • It releases of Carbon dioxide: Fossil fuels can power plants, factories, our homes and even the cars. When we use fossil fuel, we release carbon dioxide (CO2) to the atmosphere and that is the beginning of damage.
  • It has finite supply: It was mentioned earlier that fossil fuels are non-renewable energy source. This means that there is finite supply – we will eventually exhaust all knowing that the demand rises every single day.
  • The extraction can be dangerous: Since fossil fuels are formed from the remains of dead animals and plants ages ago, it is deeply imbedded in the earth’s surface. This alone can give us an idea that extraction is extremely difficult putting many lives at risk. The extraction in itself can destroy the landscape of the planet.


  • It can be dangerous to human health: Oil spills are common incidents when fossil fuels are transported. It is dangerous for the marine life and when consumed, humans can be at risk. There is also the potential of acid rain and greenhouse gases. The by-products of fossil are extremely toxic.  

The inadequate supply combined with its negative effects have forced the industry to reconsider the use of fossil fuels. Alternative energy sources are now considered from solar to wind, wave and even hydro power. These energy sources present practical and sustainable solutions that can make the planet greener and healthier.

Singapore is using fossil fuel like any other country but there is a movement towards greener energy use. One of the most common greener energy sources is solar. In fact, many homes in Hawaii have considered it. Many industries also invested on it. It does not end there because China has this undergoing research. They already created an artificial sun that can address the world’s power crisis. Though it is under development, let us remain hopeful that it can address issues and help the world.

Though solar energy is expensive, its power is infinite and good for the environment. We should be conscious of fossil fuels from now on because the planet will wilt. What little things can we contribute to lessen our carbon footprints? Well for one, we can consider carpooling. When going to work, instead of using two separate cars, we can use only one and share expenses with the other. It does not end there. We have to limit the use of air conditioners and the like. More importantly, let us share information to the kids and encourage them to take care of the planet.