The Currency Museum

Singapore Coins and Notes museum – it is the first and only museum that houses coins, currencies and items that are used for trade specifically barter in the early times.  What’s more interesting in this place is that before you will leave the place, you will be able to learn the process of making a medallion or the minting method.


Not only that, you can also make a medallion for your souvenir using the classic and manual press machine. This is only the museum that showcases different currencies and coins as well as notes. The coins that you might think worthless are the ones kept and secured here.

Aside from the ancient pressing machine that is used to create medallion, you will also be surprised with the most recent cutting edge notes at the museum. Here, you can also see the sights of the properly researched things that highlights the before and after happenings during the independence of Singapore at the memorable Chinatown.


As said, it is a coins museum and evidently, there are a lot of coins here that comes for the colonial times. Also, you can also read about the currencies that are locally made.

On the other hand, notes have a great contribution to the development of Singapore. For sure, you will be inspired looking at the coins and currencies because of the fact that it is made and used by ancient people during the past times. Never forget to bring home the experience that you will get from visiting Singapore Coins and Notes Museum.