The Best Pizza Deliveries in Singapore

Aside from the taste of the food and its affordability, convenience and fast service are some of the other important factors we consider when we look are looking for some place to eat. Most of us have experienced wanting to just eat and laze at home instead of eating out. When this happens, we go for food deliveries.


Pizza is considered as one of the most popular and common foods that people like to get delivered in their doorstep. In Singapore, more and more pizza restaurants are offering fast pizza delivery services to their patrons who want hot and fresh pizza fast.

Listed below are some of the best pizza deliveries that are highly recommended in Singapore.

Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s pizza delivery service is very popular especially because they have a policy that if your pizza delivery fails to arrive at your house in 30 minutes, Domino’s will grant you a free pizza voucher. Take good note that in the 30 minutes allotted, the baking and the delivering of the pizza is included.



Popularly known for their scrumptious thin crust pizza dishes, Spizza offers delivery throughout the whole island. It usually takes about an hour for the pizza to arrive to your doorstep. Spizza also has a wide selection of other Italian dishes like pastas and salads.

Rocky’s Pizza & Pasta

An establishment serving Singaporeans with American style pizzas for 24 years, Rocky’s Pizza and Pasta is also famous for their excellent customer service, big portions and quick food deliveries. You can even choose your own pizza toppings. How amazing is that?!