Tell-Tale Signs That Your Friend is Toxic


Your body has a way to flush the toxins in your system because it knows that it is not good for your health. Being in good health is a challenge especially with the things happening around you. If you just eat right and to things accordingly, your body will take care of your systems but no matter how healthy are you in the inside, if you have toxic people around you, it can really affect your wellness.


Toxic friendships can destroy you – physically, mentally and emotionally. It is good if you realize it sooner but if it took you some time before actually ending it, it will surely affect you. It is time that you restore your health. The trick here is to choose carefully your friends. Friends should be for keeps, not just as a casual thing.

It is time that you identify the signs of toxic friends. Here are some signs that you have toxic friends:

If he/she wants to be the center of attention – all the time

Remember that toxic people crave for attention and they will take it in whatever form. They can create drama just to be noticed or they can be nice to be admired. As long as they get the attention, it doesn’t matter if it is a negative attention or not. Toxic people are struggling with insecurity and the only way to compensate it is through attention.

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If he/she always take and never gives

Toxic friends always expect everything. They always take and never (maybe rarely) gives. You look like a milking cow to them. They borrow everything and they expect that you comply. When it is your turn to need them, they simply vanish, ignore or not respond to you.

If he/she repeats bad behaviour and impulsive

Toxic people are impulsive. These people do not think of the results of their decisions. They act in the moment and this behaviour always gets them into trouble.

If he/she blames others

Toxic friends will never accept their mistakes and even if they know they are wrong, they will find a way to put the blames on others. They do not embrace things and take actions. They are afraid of the outcome that is why.

If you just listen to your inner self and learn to identify signs of toxic friends, you will surely live a healthy and happy life. It is hard to find real friends here in Singapore but you have to endure it and have patience.