Sure Signs You’re Stuck in a Workout Rut

Staying committed to a workout routine is never an easy task, especially when new dilemmas start to arise – your body enters the plateau stage, and in effect, it partially keeps you from reaching your fitness goals. But how exactly will you know if you’ve reached this stage? Well, here are a few signs you should take note of.

  1. You Find Reasons to Skip the Gym

When the excitement you felt after purchasing your first pair of workout shoes is gone, and if you start seeing exercising as a routine more than a form of release, then it’s time you find ways to shake things up. You don’t need to completely ditch your usual activity, but consider signing up in a new fitness class to see how switching things up could bring back your motivation.

  1. You Get Easily Bored With Your Routine

Once you start getting bored doing a particular activity that other people have a hard time learning, then it’s a sure sign that you should start learning something new, like a new sport maybe. You’ll know that you’ve hit the workout rut phase when you no longer feel challenged with what you’re doing, and you start feeling like you can do your routine even with your eyes closed.

  1. Your Workout is No Longer Producing Results

Do you exercise so hard to sweat out the calories you ate for lunch, but feel like nothing’s happening? If so, then you’ve likely hit the workout rut. If you’ve been working out regularly, there will certainly come a time when your body becomes used to doing the same routine over and over again that it’ll stop giving you the results you want. But instead of letting the frustration get to you, go and research on new training programs that could possibly help you get back on the groove and give you the results you want.

  1. You Feel Lethargic After Every Session

Working out should give you more energy and not make you feel rundown. Remember, you’re aiming to achieve a healthy post-workout glow and not a completely burnt-out look.

Religiously hitting the gym is easy to some, but a challenge for most – especially when new issues, such as hitting a workout plateau, arises. By knowing when you’ve already reached that stage, however, you’ll certainly be able to work your way out of that rut and accomplish your fitness goals.