Singapore Ports History at the Maritime Experiential Museum

We all know for a fact that Singapore has the busiest ports in the world. However, you may not know about the Maritime Experiential Museum. Actually, this is a museum that has opened recently and is the first to show maritime history of Asia. Here, you can find nearly 500 unusual maritime things.


Also, the museum will bring you to a trip that you’ll never regret – a glance to Asia’s epic sailing routes. Be amazed with the life-sized Bao Chuan, the Admiral Zheng He’s Treasure Ship along with his troops. Actually, Admiral Zheng’s Ship were believed to navigate supply ships, water tankers, horse ships, patrol and combat ships and other water transport wherein their supplies are placed.

On the other hand, you can also visit the famous Souk – the 8 ports of call. Here, you will be captivated by the sight and sounds of the culture and its people as well as the intriguing stories about the port and the stories behind the marine trade routes.

06 The Maritime Experiential Museum & its Amazing Typhoon Theatre [海事博物馆及水族馆] @ Resort World Sentosa (Large)

At the location, you will learn how maritime trade is done and how people do business in the early periods. Souk is located at the basement of the museum. Another highlight that you can see at the Maritime Experiential Museum is the Jewel of Muscat.

This is a life-size copy of the 9th-century sailing vessel which is given by the Omani Government. You can see at the museum, how people made the historic ship and how people travel from Oman to Singapore. There’s nothing more amazing than visiting this wonderful museum here in Singapore. It will guarantee that you will gain knowledge.