Simple Activities to Help You Find Peace


Everything around you speaks of chaos. You need to calm down, take a step back and invite inner peace. You need all the inner peace you can get especially here in Singapore where things are hectic and exhausting. When you hear inner peace, it usually refers to the state of spiritual and mental calmness.


Everyone should master this calmness because it can make a big difference at the end of the day. It can help you survive stress and chaos. The good news is that with enough knowledge, you can master inner peace. If you master it, nothing or no one can bring you down. So what are the activities that invite inner peace? Here are some:


Meditation comes first when you head about inner peace. You do not need to go to a mountain though to meditate. When things get rough at the office, take a break then look for a silent or comfortable place. When you are seated, close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing and let the anxieties disappear.  A quick meditation can relieve depression and stress.


There is no simpler way to relax than slow and deep breathing. It can actually lower your blood pressure. Sometimes when things get rough you forget to breathe and that makes things worse.


Lay your head on a pillow

You do not want to draw so much attention so try not to sleep and snore at the office. If you have a pillow stuck somewhere in the office, you are already on the road to inner peace. Use it and visualize that the pillow is a sponge absorbing all your anxieties and worries if only for a few minutes.


Counting is very elementary but still you can get something from it. Instead of counting 1 to 10, try counting backwards instead. When you are freaking out, you will be busy thinking what number comes next. This is an effective way to distract yourself and gain that poise.

Close your eyes

Another easy way to regain your focus and calm is through closing the eyes. You may think this is simple but it can help ease your worries and other anxieties. Close your eyes even for a few minutes and let the chaos around you disappear.

There you go. Hopefully with the things mentioned above, you will find that inner peace you deserve. Your ultimate goal is to regain your focus and calmness. Do not let stress keep you from being happy.