Simple Activities that Invite Body Relaxation


When things get awry, your ultimate goal should be inner calmness not impromptu destruction. Inner calmness is a state wherein mental and spiritual well-being are at peace then reflects or radiates physically. The good news is that with the right understanding, you can be strong and face struggles head on.


Your idea of inner calmness is hours but when you are at work, you can only give few minutes to regain your poise. Do not worry because for just under five minutes, you can invite inner calmness through simple total body relaxation. Every Singaporean should know this. Here’s how you can invite total body relaxation:

  • Hand massage: You do not need to go to a professional masseuse because with a simple hand massage, you will get that total body relaxation that you deserve. Massaging the hand helps calm a hammering heart. Hand massage is especially helpful for people who spend most of their time typing. Hands in general carry tons of tension. You only need a lotion then start kneading the base muscle of the thumb. You can also keep on kneading in the scalp, neck and shoulders.


  • Foot massage: Another form of relaxation is foot massage. You do not need to bring or call a masseuse. Bring with you a golf ball and rub your feet back and forth against it. It is actually an impromptu relaxing technique.


  • Squeeze: Instead of strangling your boss or co-worker, you have to channel all your negative energy unto a stress ball. Squeezing a stress ball sounds simple but it can ease the stress and anxiety you are feeling. Stress balls are portable way to relieve tension.


  • Dripping water: The next time you are stressed out and stress ball or golf ball is not available, head to the comfort room and run cold water on the wrists and behind the earlobes instead. This is a good one because it can cool and calm the major arteries found on your wrists or earlobes.


  • Brush your hair: You are not fond of brushing the hair because you always tie it. Perhaps it is time to lose it and brush the hair again. This sounds simple but it can make a difference at the end of the day. Repetitive motions (like maybe more than 100 strokes every day) can cause your body to relax. Other things that you do is knitting or washing dishes.

In order to relax, you have to be alone at least even for only five minutes because these will be useless if your background is stressful.