Secure Places to Exchange Your Money

When travelling, you need to secure your travelling documents and your money of course. If in this case you choose to visit Singapore, you should know where to look for money changers with better rates. Here’s an idea where to find money changers that offer better rates:


People’s Park Complex Chinatown

If you are near Chinatown, look for People’s Park. After exchanging your money, you can go to electronic stores, jewellery shops and perfume stores.

Lucky Plaza

Lucky Plaza is within Orchard Road-the heart of shopping in Singapore. If you run out of Singapore Dollars while shopping, look for money changers at Lucky Plaza.

The Arcade at Raffles Place

If you are near Raffles place, you should head to The Arcade. They have good currency rates with friendly staffs. You will see the exchange rate on an electronic board.

Mustafa Foreign Exchange

The good thing about Mustafa Foreign Exchange is they are open 24/7. If you need to exchange your money any time of the day, just go to Little India and look for Mustafa Foreign Exchange.

Remember that if you don’t exchange your local currency to Singapore Dollars, you cannot avail or buy something. When you need to exchange your money, you should seek Licensed Money Changers. Licensed Money Changers will offer better rates than banks and airports. Establishment mentioned above is a start.

Aside from travelling documents and money, never forget your camera to capture every moment. Singapore offers a lot of things and if you want a remembrance, strike a pose and click that camera. s