Reasons Why You Should Learn the Piano

In the past few years, initiatives and street piano movements like Play It Forward has helped promote the flourishing of music easily available for the masses. Some government schools even have put pianos in open areas around campus. But what does this actually lead to?

 Here are some reasons to try the piano out. Who knows? You might get to perform at a concert in the Esplanade Recital Studio, or even overseas.

Relatively easy to start with 

Piano can be a really good foundation when you’re starting to get into music. This is because you can get a picture of the notes, scales, and pitches as they are already displayed thoroughly. Learning the piano can also be thought of as an introduction to music theory because it gives the best impression of how music generally works. This is why you see kids as young sa 4 already playing the piano as their first instrument. It is also very easy to learn now in our time because of the internet. You can get lessons online or even watch videos on YouTube for free.

Helps with brain function

Learning to play the piano will improve the coordination between your body and mind. Just like with other musical instruments, playing the piano can help the signals between our hands, muscles and the brain establish better connections. The brain also gets quite the workout when we play piano. Our left and right hands are executing completely different movements from each other while the brain has to focus on both. As we improve, we get to better interpret and execute what we have learned through muscle memory and cognitive processing.

Helps with relaxation

It has already been established that playing music greatly reduces anxiety, blood pressure, and heart rate. For the piano specifically, the feeling that you get from pressing on the keys can be quite relaxing. Think about the time when you were so stressed out that you just want to press hard on certain things. You can somehow get that feel when playing the piano, but of course, in a much calming way. Playing on a traditional piano, though, can be especially satisfying as you can feel the vibrations of the strings as you press on the keys.

Makes you a better musician

If you didn’t learn piano as your first instrument though, learning it now can help make you a more well-rounded musician. The piano is already a pretty versatile instrument in itself and in almost every genre, a piano is being employed. Additionally, because the notes in the piano are already arranged in succession, this allows you to play the treble and bass clefs with both hands at the same time. This is something you cannot do with the guitar, for example. With the guitar, you can only play either the bass or treble clef at one time because you use one hand for the scales and the other for strumming.