LDR: Lessons, Discoveries and Risks of Long-Distance Relationships


Being in a long-distance relationship can be one of the most challenging and life-changing decisions that a person would make. To commit or not to commit, you might be facing the dilemma of choosing from these options. To end your confusion, read on and find out if LDR is meant for you. These are some of the lessons, discoveries and risks of being in an LDR, from someone who had been there.



At times, you commit in LDR because you are overwhelmed with someone’s effort of constantly calling, texting and sending updates on you to make you feel special. If you have long wanted to be in a relationship and you suddenly meet someone from afar who is more than willing to love you, it might be tempting to immediately succumb to this saccharine feeling.

To guard you from LDR whirlwind romance, the first lesson is to spend ample time to know more about this person. If you are really interested, you may research about him, observe his actions and don’t forget to take it s-l-o-w. The person might claim to be legally single and will show you his social media accounts to prove his statement. Be wise in detecting lies. Remember that if soon, you decide to be in this situation, you would eventually be gambling your lovely little heart, so be careful.


Second lesson: be wary whom you trust. As you continuously contact this person, you might unconsciously share your delicate private information (e.g. e-mail and Facebook passwords, bank account details and pictures). You probably don’t bother disclosing it because he seemed to be your knight in shining armor, genuinely concerned of your welfare. In as much as you might be blinded by his charms, protect yourself, to avoid future blackmails and threats.



Once you have decided to finally be in an LDR, it will soon lead to more self-discoveries. Along the process, you would see how far can you go in making this relationship last. For individuals who are career-oriented, you might be confronted with situations that would prompt you to give up your job and your clients just to spend more time with your partner. As your love story continues, there might be some changes in the ranking of your priorities. You will find out which matters most to you, career or the love of your life?


Unlike business, we don’t always receive a return on investment (ROI) when it comes to love, sometimes it is unrequited. To make an LDR stronger, you need to invest time and effort as you try to visit each other. Other than material favors, you must also willingly give intangible precious gifts of trust and loyalty. You might put yourself at risk of having a broken heart if the relationship is not meant to last. While you satisfy your partner’s needs, do not forget to take care and love yourself. When all else fails, be sure that you can still put back your “assured and confident” self, piece by piece.

Like any other situation and status in relationship, LDR requires hard work from two strong individuals who truly wanted to have each other forever, regardless of the doubts and fights. LDR is indeed for the brave ones, those who have been broken yet remained hopeful to have steadfast and long-lasting love despite the distance.