Keep the Fire Burning: Venture Out of Your Comfort Zone

Romantic relationships need constant effort to nurture the bond between two people. During the early stage of the relationship, you spend a lot of time knowing each other more. Once the relationship finds its stride, the extra effort slowly diminishes and you may easily find yourselves in a bit of a rut. Take advantage of the ‘boring’ feeling to abandon your routine. Step out of the ‘usual’ and do something that’s out of your comfort to reconnect with your partner.

Work Out Together
If exercising together is not a usual habit for you and your partner, it’s time to take this healthy route together. Enrol in a gym class (one with childcare, if you have children to take care of) or simply jog together before you start your day. If you like the challenge of CrossFit or a spinning class, having your partner with you to cheer you on will make you two feel more connected and supported.

Get Cooking
If drive-thru is getting old or ordering the same child-approved meals are making you sick, try a new take on your daily meals. Instead of debating what to have for dinner, start planning your meal in advance. Get a new cookbook and make your own meals with your partner. Take your everyday routine of cooking meals as an opportunity to bond with your partner, or at least schedule a night or two to bond in the kitchen instead of dining out.

Buy Some Tickets
Purchase tickets to some exciting events Tickets to a vacation, a concert or an amusement park in Singapore that you have never been to offers a wonderful opportunity to do something new and spend some alone time with your partner. You may be amazed by the things you learn about your partner when you are in a new environment.

Enjoy the Outdoors
Studies show that people who spend more time outside have more positive outlook in life. Imagine the same principle applies to relationships. Stepping outside with your partner will lift your spirit and the positivity of the nature will bring you and your partner closer together. Go camping, stroll along the shore, lie in the sand or go on night picnics uphill where you can bask in the beauty of the stars.

Write Your Feelings Out
Let’s kick it old school and start writing love letters for your partner. Short love notes that can either be romantic or goofy will bring back that giddy feeling you once had when you first started dating. Surprising your beloved with a hand-written note in their lunch is a small romantic gesture that can re-ignite the fire in your relationship.

If you are (or have been) in a long-term relationship, you know pretty well that there comes a time when you feel idle with your partner. Bring back the spark and spice in your relationship by doing something new and more exciting things together.