Important Questions to Ask Your Sound System Rental Company

Renting a sound system is one of the best strategies for you to take charge and save money over a traditional entertainment for any event. But just like with other things, there’s a list of questions that you should ask first before signing a rental agreement with a sound system company. So make sure that you ask the following to ensure that you get what you paid for. After all, having the right AV equipment, the right playlist and right people is what will make your event a memorable one.


1. How much does your sound system rental package cost?

The price of a sound system rental is one of the first questions you should ask about. Finding the best rate that fits your needs depend on several things, such as the audience size of your event and whether you’ll have an indoor or outdoor set-up. Another consideration is whether you need a wired or wireless mic and PA system to easily address your guests.

Knowing what you need beforehand will make it easier for both you and your PA system rental salesperson to agree on a specific equipment and service quote. This way, you get to see whether or not the rental price offered by your prospective sound system company fits your budget for the event.

2. Are sound system rentals for weddings more expensive?

Sound system and AV equipment rental for special events like weddings is not significantly different from renting a regular sound and speaker package. The only difference is that the event host of a wedding or wedding reception might want the option to address or engage the guests by giving speeches using a microphone. If this is the case, then you’ll need to rent a PA system (with handheld mic) preferably from good companies like in Singapore along with a speaker sound system. The cost for this add-ons range from S$30 to S$90 dollars.

3. Does your sound system rental package come with speaker stands?

One of the important things to secure on the equipment package you will be renting are the speaker stands. Apart from looking classier, putting your sound system on stands will help the music cover more area than if it was just placed on a table-top. Some sound system rental companies in Singapore don’t include speaker stands on their package, but it should be available for rental for just an additional five dollars to your rental fee.

4. Is the wireless system VHF or UHF?

If you’re planning to rent a wireless equipment, then it’s important to know if the system they will be providing runs in a VHF or UHF frequency. VHF systems are known to be more affordable, but it can be prone to interference. So if possible, have your AV equipment rental company provide you a sound system that runs on UHF. Unlike the VHF, it’s more reliable and resistant against interference. After all, the last thing you would want to hear on your event are scratchy and poppy noises or a signal interfering during a speech or a toast.


5. Will it be able to cover my entire venue with sound?

Before deciding on the equipment that you will be renting, be sure to specify the size of the venue where it will be used and the number of guests you’re going to have. This will help your salesperson recommend a sound system that fits your event and makes the most sense from a wattage or size perspective. Asking and verifying with your provider will let you know if the equipment you’re eyeing is the right choice for your event. Just remember to be open with their suggestions or recommendations if they think that your choice of sound system isn’t fit for your venue.

6. How will the equipment be set up on my venue?

When renting a sound system and AV equipment, it’s important to remember that its placement on your venue could greatly affect its efficiency. Apart from being out of the traffic flow, good system set-up and placement will determine the equipment’s performance. So make sure that you get someone familiar with acoustics to help you set-up your equipment to achieve its maximum effect.

Many companies offering sound system rentals in Singapore also provide trained experts to assess the location, give advice on sound system selection and set the equipment up professionally. This option guarantees that you and your event organizers no longer have to figure out any unfamiliar equipment along with other details.

7. Is your sound system equipment portable enough to be transported using any car?

This is another important question to ask your sound system rental company. However, unlike in previous years, today’s sound systems are lightweight and easy to move around. A sound system equipment basically consists of speakers that weigh about 25 pounds, a mixer box, a tripod speaker stand and a few audio cables. These parts fit even in the most compact cars and SUV, so you don’t have to worry about transporting it to your venue. Also, if you will be having problems in picking up the equipment, you can choose to have it delivered but for an added fee.

8. Will you be able to provide a staff to operate the equipment during the event?

The team or person operating your equipment won’t likely be able to multitask since troubleshooting takes time – meaning the person who will be running your sound system should already be familiar with the equipment you rented, it’s functions (whistles, shrieks and volume control), as well as the solutions to possible snags in the program. Many sound system rental companies in Singapore offer staff assistance, so ask your prospective company if they could provide an experienced personnel to operate your equipment on the event.

Finding and using the right sound system is crucial for making any event a successful one. So make sure that you ask these questions to your PA system rental company to be sure that they’ll be providing you with an equipment that perfectly fits both your budget and needs.