How Women Can Stay Safe While Travelling Alone


Many women are now bold and brave. This is the result of the society’s empowering us too much. We are independent and we can do the things that we desire like men do. This is the reason why the number of solo female travelling rose. When you decide to travel solo, you have to fight for it since not all people around you will approve of it.


It is normal that your parents or friends worry about your safety. You have to convince them that you will be fine for the whole duration of your travel. It is typical that you feel scared on your first solo adventure. With excitement, there comes the anxiety of the unknown factors. When you feel like backing out, remember that it is all just in your head.

Here are some tips on staying safe for solo travellers out there:

  • Trust your guts. They say that a woman’s gut instinct is so much better than men. You have to make good use of your gut instinct because it will serve as your gauge and guide. The good news is that uneasy vibe will heighten over time.


  • Know when to say no. Many people are afraid to say no because they think they will disappoint people. The travel is all about you and nobody else. If you are not comfortable about something, do not be afraid to say no and be honest. For example, if you are with a group of people in the bar, you are asked to drink some more. You should know when to stop since getting too intoxicated can be dangerous.


  • Dress appropriately. You should not be too flashy. You have to dress like a local to blend in. With this, you have to wear appropriately. Before going to that place, do some research about the appropriate dress.


  • Avoid walking alone at night. Depending on the country you are in, walking alone at night varies. There are countries that walking alone at night are perfectly safe. If you heard that it is dangerous to walk at night alone, you should heed the warning. Always bring a whistle just in case things get awry.


  • Let friends and family know where you are. You have to tell someone where you will be so they will know your status. Many hostels now have WiFi so you can freely message parents and friends any time of the day. Do not completely go off grid.

Going outside Singapore alone can be the experience of a lifetime if you give it a chance.