How to Find the Best Light Bulbs for Your Home in 4 Easy Steps

Lighting may not seem like it, but it’s such an important aspect of modern life that when you get it wrong, it can give the wrong atmosphere and ambiance that will make your condo or HDB flat in Singapore feel uncomfortable and not a great place to relax in.

In fact, the wrong type of lighting can even throw you off when you’re trying to concentrate or read at night, and damage your eyes in the process.

But the good news is that you can avoid that mistake. Here’s how you can choose the best light bulbs for any area in your home:

1. Consider brightness and color.
While you can’t simply choose any old light bulb, this should be the first thing to keep in mind when looking to find the best lighting any area in your home.

Brightness and color can be broken up into a few criteria:

• Watts and lumens – This refers to the brightness in your desired area. The higher the wattage of your light bulb, the higher the lumens, and the brighter the light will be.
Keep in mind that watts is great for old, incandescent light bulbs, while lumens are used for more modern LED bulbs.

• Kelvin – This is used as a guideline for the color scale of the light emitted by the bulb. A lower kelvin number indicates warmer colors closer to orange and yellow, while a higher number indicates that the light is more bluish in color.

• Color rendering index (CRI) – Light bulbs tend to be given a CRI score, which measures how the light source accurately represents different colors. Lower CRI bulbs are great for most lighting needs, but for illuminating things such as paintings and work surfaces, higher CRI bulbs are the way to go.

2. Consider the right fitting.
When out shopping for new light bulbs, be sure to bring your old one to give a good idea on the type of fitting that you need. It also helps to write down the fitting reference number and compare it with the different bulbs.

3. Find the right bulb shape.
Just as there are many fittings and colors for light bulbs, there are also many shapes that can influence how the light will spread across any given area in your home.

The most common ones include spirals, candles, sticks, and even golf-shaped bulbs, but you will also find downlight-shapes and bulbs that have the traditional shape.

4. Don’t mind the initial cost of LED lights.
While modern LED bulbs seem expensive at first, keep in mind that they have a lower wattage requirement and will last you longer than other types of bulbs in the long run, such as compact fluorescent lamps (CFL’s) or halogen bulbs.

(Disclaimer: this list is compiled in no particular order.)