How to Beat Your Jet Lag Blues

When you’re travelling across multiple time zones, it might take some time for your body to adjust. In the meantime, you’re graced with unpleasant ailments – specifically insomnia, fatigue, diarrhoea and confusion – enough to make you frantically search for a jet lag cure. While there’s no fool-proof way of completely beating jet lag, there are still some steps that you can take to ease the pain and stress of crossing different time zones quickly.


  1. Adjust Your Body Clock

A few days (preferably four days) before your departure, gradually change up your sleeping and eating time so it’ll overlap with those at your travel destination. Once you arrive, immediately adopt the place’s local time with your daily routine.

  1. Travel Through Overnight Flights

Opting for overnight flights for your trip allows you to eat dinner and sleep at a normal time. Depending on the length of your flight and the number of time zones you cross, you’ll likely arrive at your destination in the morning or afternoon. With this, you get to replicate your usual schedule and you can easily reset your clock.

  1. Limit or Avoid Alcohol Intake While Flying

Cabin air dehydrates passengers and altitude changes quicken the effects of alcohol on a person (one shot in the air is the same as taking two or three shots on the ground). Sure, drinking some cocktail will relax you, but it’ll also dehydrate you and worsen your jet lag symptoms.


  1. Use Your Flight to Sleep and Rest

Travelling can be extremely tiring, and the more rest you get the more prepared you’ll be to handle all the stress of jet lag. If you’re going a very long flight, then save up enough money to fly a business or first class flight since it’ll be easier to sleep when seat reclines all the way back. If you can’t avoid coach, then choose a window seat and bring some padding to help you prop yourself up against the wall.

  1. Take Sleeping Pills (If Necessary)

Taking a sleeping pill with a short cycle effect will be helpful in overnight flights. Just make sure though that you time your dosage correctly or you’ll end up feeling groggy when you land. Also, a flight is not the perfect time to try out a pill for the first time. So ensure that you only take medication you’re already familiar with.

Experiencing a jet lag during a trip will surely take out some of the fun from your travel. But while there is no fool-proof way of beating it, following the aforementioned tips will surely help in alleviating some of its symptoms and effects.