Home Decorating Tips to Please Him and Her


As nesters, it usually falls on us women to take care of the home decoration. Whether you’re trying to incorporate existing decor style or just trying to respect your husband’s decorating opinions, it takes serious effort and some creativity to design or decorate a home that every member of the household would love. Keep these simple tricks in mind when you decorate your humble abode.


Set Your Priorities

Decide which pieces of furniture are most important for you and your partner and which ones you’re willing to let go. Decide together when function and comfort should be the top priority and where beauty and uniqueness can shine.

Plan and Edit

If his Hotwheels collection isn’t your idea of a proper sunctuary, then it’s not meant for the living room. However, an office or some other area where you spend less time in could be an appropriate place for it. Be willing to plan and edit. Maybe you can display half of his collection somewhere accessible instead of having the entire bunch tucked away in a hidden area. Displaying a few favourite pieces at a frequented part of the house would be more rewarding for him than having all his playthings lined up in the basement where no one would see them.


Agree on a Palette

Decide on a cohesive colour palette for your home decor. This will help narrow down your decor options and unify even your most desperate furnishings. A couple of anchor colours, combined with a few accents will serve as your guide for choosing large furniture and filling them in with decorative accessories.

Pull Them All Together

The most comfortable and uplifting spaces are those that look and feel pulled together even with a mix of styles. To ensure balance in your home decor, stick with classic and neutral shapes for your key pieces. For example, if your sofa is in masculine square shape, contrast it by using a curvy centre table or a coffee table in a more feminine colour. This way, a room feels more inviting than being intimidating.

Above all, make decisions with love and respect. Of course, you want to feel relaxed when you walk around your home, but so does your man. Create a space that reflects both of your personalities and the life you have as a couple. By communicating well, setting expectations, and being willing to compromise, designing a space that represents the people who live there would be much easier than you expect it to be.

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