Giving off a Daily Dose of Kindness

Have you ever put a thought into doing more good to others? Of course loving yourself and caring for yourself should be number one priority. After all, how will you be able to help others if you yourself are also in need of some help? But when you see others in a situation much worse than you, don’t you just feel compelled to do something and help out?


According to Mental Health Foundation, altruism, the act of putting other people’s needs before our own, can actually be beneficial to our mental health and wellbeing. It can also reduce our stress levels and improve our mood and self-esteem.

Helping others also keeps us grounded and gives us a better perspective of things. When we help others, particularly those who got it worse than us, we see things differently and we then realize how fortunate we truly are. And helping others shifts our mindset and keeps us from focusing on what we lack.

The best thing about altruism is that both the giver and the receiver of the good deed are going to benefit from it. You are already helping others and in doing so you are also bettering yourself. So with all these positive benefits, we should truly be inspired to start doing random acts of kindness, whether small or grand, whenever the opportunity arises.

Here are some ideas that might inspire you.


  • Hold the door open for someone. This gesture isn’t only limited to the gentlemen out there. Women are also highly encouraged to hold the door open especially for the elderly or for differently-able people.
  • Offer a smile and say thank you. Whether it’s a service staff serving you your order or another kind fellow letting you in the door first, never forget to give a simple and sincere smile and “thank you.”
  • Offer your seat. When in a bus or MRT and it happens to be jam-packed, go the extra mile and offer your seat to someone who seems simply burned out, an elderly, or most especially a pregnant woman.
  • Donate your things. If you have things that you don’t need any more, pass them on and give them to someone who needs them. You could donate some of your old stuff at an admirable organization like Pass It On. Do visit them at