Explaining to Children the Importance of Saving Money

Nowadays, we need to save money not because we are preparing for the future but also to have something to pick up in times of emergency. Saving money cannot only be obtained in banks. It can also be in our homes and it will be like an emergency bank wherein you don’t need to fall in line and wait for your turn.


It’s your own bank and it is open whenever you want it to be open. You can get money anytime of the day. However, you should not be doing it from time to time because it may leave you bankrupt and have nowhere to go in times of crisis. There are times that your child will be begging to you to buy him a new toy.


You can make your child happy by giving him what he wants or you can make him cry by ignoring what he wants to have. In this case, you will be challenge by both the emotional need by your child and your financial need. It is not easy to decide if you will be going to follow your child’s necessity or not.

It’s a decision that could make or break something. However, when you are in doubt, choose to do the things that can benefit more people than one. If you kid really wanted the toy for a long time, you can give buy it for him but make sure that you do it because there an unselfish reason to do it.