Different Cuisines in Singapore

Singapore is known for its multicultural population. The good thing here is that people learned to coexist despite the differences. Aside from the differences in beliefs, cultures differ when it comes to foods or cuisines. Here is a glimpse of Singapore’s unique but delectable cuisines:

Chinese Cuisines



Chinese dishes are abundant here. If you want to eat Cantonese foods, you must try won ton and shark’s soup, roasted pig and dim sums. If you prefer Hokkien, you must try the hokkien mee and spring rolls. You can also try the Teochew food like porridge, steamed seafood and other soups. If you want more, you can consider szechuan dishes, hainanese chicken rice and yong tau fu. There are many Chinese restaurants that you can visit or you can go directly to Chinatown.

Indian Cuisines


If you are in the mood for spices and herbs, you should consider Indian dishes. If you want to taste North Indian foods (yogurt based), you must try tandoori, naan breads, sweetmeats and curries. If you want to taste South Indian foods (coconut milk based), you must try sizzling curries, thosai, thali and seafood. There are many Indian restaurants that you can visit or you can go directly to Little India.

Malay Cuisines


Malay cuisines are well known here. If you want to try it, you should taste nasi padang, soto ayam, satay (beef, chicken and lamb), nasi lemak and many more. If you want to grab a bite of Malaysian dishes, you should head to Kampon Glam or Carousel.

Peranakan Cuisines


Peranakan cuisines are a mixture of Chinese and Malay recipes. You should taste the laksa. If you want more, you should go to Peranakan restaurants or Katong and Joo Chiat.

If you are a tourist, you have a lot to try here. Make sure to taste the different cuisines because each cuisine offers a different experience. If you are a local, you should make it a point to taste all cuisines.