Choosing a Summer Wedding Dress

Choosing a wedding dress could be the most important decision the bride will make in planning her wedding. For a summer wedding in Singapore, especially one held outdoors, wedding gowns should be made specifically for the bride’s comfort while still looking sophisticated and elegant. When choosing the right summer wedding dress, make sure to work with the right bridal studio and keep in mind these important factors.


Most dresses for summer weddings you’ll find in your wedding boutique are either haltered, strapless or spaghetti type. They are designed in such ways to provide comfort and to fit to any kind of summer setting.


Maxi dresses are the most popular for beach weddings. If planning for a garden wedding, ask the bridal studio for cocktail dresses. However, a long flowing wedding dress is ideal since it gives a touch of formality to the casualness of the overall wedding theme.

Colors and Accessories

Save the diamonds and go for fashionable wood accessories in shades of yellows, greens, and blues. Avoid sparkly jewelries if you’re planning for an outdoor casual-themed wedding; it may overpower the simplicity of the wedding dress.


The dress’ fabric should be light for a free-flowing look. It should be lightweight and breathable to keep you cool and comfortable as the ceremony takes place. Here are some of the fabrics that are common to any bridal boutique in Singapore like for summer wedding dresses.

    • Silk Georgette
    Silk georgette is a lightweight fabric, typically made of polyester or silk. The twisted fibers of the fabric give the dress a springy feature that makes it look as if it moves on its own.
    • Batiste
    Batiste is a lightweight, opaque fabric, made from wool, cotton, polyester or a blend of different kinds of threads. This fabric is often used in babies’ clothes due to its soft touch to the skin.
    • Dotted Swiss
    This fabric has always the same look: lightweight, sheer fabric with dotted motif. Dotted Swiss is a commonly used for a variety of clothing for children and women. They have made appearances in blouses, curtains, baby clothes, aprons, bedspreads, summer dresses and wedding apparel.
    • Muslin
    Muslin is a light cotton fabric, finely woven and typically white, produced from cotton yarn. This fabric is also used to make sewing patterns for upholstery, curtains and clothing. Since air moves freely through the fabric, it is more appropriate for hot and dry seasons.
    • Charmeuse and Taffeta
    Charmeuse is a luxury fabric made from silk with glossy finish, while taffeta is quite the opposite withdull texture and a little sheen. They differ in the type of finish, the two fabrics has the same free-flow appearance that drapes well over the body. It is lightweight, so it won’t make you feel hot during the wedding ceremony.
    • Chiffon and Organza
    Chiffon is a lightweight sheer fabric with matte finish, and commonly made from silk, cotton or synthetic fibers. It can be dyed to almost any color, but the one made from polyester can be hard to dye. Organza fabric can be worn alone because it’s less sheer than chiffon. The texture of this cloth is ideal for an A-line wedding dress.