Bride’s Guide to Dropping Engagement Ring Hints

Have you been waiting for so long for your Mr. Right to pop the big question? If it seems like it’s not going to happen anytime soon, maybe it’s time to start dropping some subtle hints. After all, maybe the only reason he hasn’t proposed yet is because he has no idea of what engagement ring you’ll like. Help him start his journey to finding that perfect proposal ring by dropping the right clues.


1. Leave a jewelry catalog on the table

Look through wedding magazines and find a page that features wedding and engagement rings. Then, leave the magazine open on the coffee table, kitchen counter, bed, or couch for your boyfriend to find. By that simple gesture, you’re now giving him an idea that you are into the thought of getting married. Another option is to use his computer to browse for photos of engagement rings and just leave it open so he can see them.

2. Visit a couple of jewelry stores together

The next time you’re going out with your boyfriend, casually pause outside your favorite jewelry store and express your interest in taking a look on their wedding ring collection. While you’re trying on several pieces, start a conversation but try not to make everything about you and your dream engagement ring.

3. Take a photo of the ring and use it as screensaver

Once you find the perfect ring, for example if it is from in Singapore you should take a photo of it and strategically place it on technological devices. You can use the photo as your lock screen or phone background. Your computer can also be a good place to display the photo of your dream proposal ring.


4. Like a Facebook page and share photos of engagement and wedding rings

If your favorite Singapore jewelry store has a Facebook page, make sure to “like” it. Look through photos of their engagement and wedding rings, and share a few that you really like. Just make sure to caption it appropriately. One-word captions, like “cute,” “lovely,” and “classic,” are enough to inform your man of your preferred style.

5. Compliment a friend’s ring in front of your boyfriend

If you’re with a recently engaged friend, notice her ring and genuinely compliment it in front of your boyfriend. Perhaps, a comment that lets her know how lucky she is to have such beautiful ring will do the trick, and express that you’d really love to receive an equally stunning ring one day. Or, you can ask your friend beforehand to joke about when your wedding will be.

6. Design the rings together

Designing your rings together will definitely kill the element of surprise, but it might just be the best way to get your dream wedding ring. After doing your homework and checking several Singapore jewelry stores, discuss the different elements of your engagement ring and wedding bands – the choice of stone, stone setting, band material, carvings, color, and design. Make a rough sketch and look for a trusted jeweler to create your dream ring.


So, what are you waiting for? If you think he’s really “the one” for you, make sure to let him know that you’re ready to take your relationship to the next step.