Beyond the Magic: Life Lessons from the Harry Potter Series

On June 26 2017, the renowned Harry Potter series celebrated its 20th anniversary since its first publication in 1997. The books paved way for an eight movie franchise not much later in 2001. The cinematic adaptation of the adventures of young Harry together with his friends Ron and Hermione only increased the number of the wizarding franchise’s avid fans.

Fans across the globe commemorated the magic that the series brought upon into our lives. The books and the movies may be long over — but the life lessons we’ve gained from Harry Potter will live on forever. The characters and their respective journeys continue to encourage and inspire us despite it being merely a fictional story. For one,

1. It teaches us to be brave
Bravery comes in a lot of different forms. Courage isn’t merely all about proving you’re willing to physically fight with the enemy until your last breath, no. There are also other manifestations of silent bravery like the resilience that happens inside a person’s mindset.

Harry, for one, never failed to be brave in defeating the common enemy (Voldemort). Even if there were people who told him he might lose his life in the process, that didn’t hinder him even a little.

2. Stand up for what you believe
Initially, there weren’t a lot of people who believed the Dark Lord was alive. Harry continuously told them Voldemort is out there, but people grew more skeptical of him and thus dubbed him as “the boy who lies”. Regardless, he never cowered away from his beliefs. He remained firm and steadfast even when the majority doubted him.

3. It’s alright to ask for help
Even if you live in the wizarding world, magic can only do so much. Even Harry, who singlehandedly defeated the powerful dark lord, cannot always do things on his own. It was revealed how much the wizard hated the idea of seeking help from others but he realized there are battles he cannot fight on his own. Such was evidently portrayed during the Triwizard Tournament where he was greatly helped by his friend, Neville, who was considered an underdog.

4. We all have to face our fears
We cannot always live in the comfort of our own bubble. There are moments in life when we will be required to face our fears head-on. In so doing, we will be able to proceed with our journey and sooner or later get what we want in life.

Ron had to deal with his phobia of spiders just so to find the cure for Hermione’s petrified state, while Harry had to constantly deal with dementors he was so afraid of to battle Voldemort in the end. These challenges were difficult but they helped the characters find out what they were made of.

5. True friends help you survive everything
Throughout the series, Harry’s best friends Ron and Hermione were with him every step of the way as he took on the journey of defeating the dark lord for good. Even if there were times they had to put their lives at risk, they remained by Harry until the end. They never left his side and with their support, Harry grew strong as he faced the villain.