Basic Manners Children Often Forget


Good manners can take us to places and meet many people. It is just sad that sometimes, children forget it. Good manners refer to politeness, courtesy and respecting yourself and others. How would your boss feel when you turn your back on him or when you are pushed out of the way to get your seat? That is an unpleasant feeling.

Group of children smiling

Children should learn the importance of good manners and it is our duty to teach them starting with basic manners. With good manners, they will grow up to be polite, courteous and respectful persons. It is time that they learn or be reminded of basic manners. Children do as they please without thinking of other people. It is crucial that you remind them because they habitually forget basic manners. Here are some basic manners that kids habitually forget and how you can help nurture it:

  • Waiting to enter at other people’s house: Children love to knock or ring doorbells and sometimes that is too much. When the door is finally open, they will barge in without saying hi. This is the first basic manner that you should remind your kid. They have to wait patiently at the door and let the homeowner issue invitation first before entering.


  • Acknowledging adults: Kids these days do not properly acknowledge adults and that is not good. Kids should be comfortable in the presence of adults and you can help through role playing. Every day, make sure that you practice how to address adults by their right titles like Mr., Mrs., Dr., etc. Aside from greeting by their right titles, teach kids about pleasantries too like hello, how are you or hi.


  • Offering help: Kids are so engrossed with playing that they forget to help. Playing is fine but when there is an activity that needs more hands, the kid should know what to do. At home, teach kids to be responsible and help in the chores so when they are in someone else’s place, they will automatically help without being asked or forced into doing something that they do not want.


  • Eating with what is only served: Teaching kids to eat with what is only served is important. When visiting someone, regardless of the food prepared, kids should not show any displeasure as a courtesy to the host. This will teach kids to be contented. While passing the food, don’t forget to say the magic word – please.


  • Saying thank you and goodbye: Kids often forget to say thank you or even goodbye. Just like please, thank you is one word that can make a whole lot of difference. Make a habit of saying thank you even to little things and your kids will surely follow your lead. Do not encourage insensitivity and indifference.

If all else fails, remind your kids of the golden rule – do not do unto others what you do not want others do unto you. At the end of the day, good manners is all about considering the feelings of the people around you and being kind. You will surely be liked and respected.