Appliances that Cost You More  

You worry about your monthly rental and bills. You do your best to save so you can pay all things. If in this case you are so concerned about your electric bill, you have to start with your appliances. Just know that there are certain appliances that cost you more.


Your electricity bill depends on what appliance you use and how often you use them. It is imperative that you know the energy of the appliances you use so you will understand how much it will cost you. In simple terms, if you use more kilowatt hours, you pay more.

It would be useful if you know the appliances that use more kilowatt hour. Here is the list:

  • Central air conditioner: Air conditioners are our relief during warm days. Air conditioners consume at least 15,000 watts per hour.
  • Clothes dryer: Clothes dryer consume at least 4,000 watts per hour.
  • Water pump: Water pump consume at least 3,000 watts per hour.
  • Hair dryer: Hair dryer consume at least 1,500 watts per hour.


  • Electric range burner: Electric range burner consume at least 1,000 watts per hour.
  • Refrigerator: Refrigerator consume at least 1,000 watts per hour.
  • Desktop computer and monitor: Desktop computer and monitor consume at least 400 watts per hour.
  • Incandescent light bulb: Incandescent light bulb consume at least 60 watts per hour.

You have to think of ways to save money. Begin by minimizing your use of your appliances and think of the environment. If you cannot minimize your electricity, you have to accept that your electricity will never decrease.