An Introverted Woman’s Guide to Surviving the Professional World

A busy and fruitful career demands back-to-back meetings with different clients, projects that require constant communication and speaking in front of a big crowd – just the few things that an archetypal introvert can’t stand doing all day long. Still, these things are necessary to climb up the professional ladder and reach your career goals. So if you’re an introverted woman who’s quite willing to get out of her shell to improve her career, then here are some great tips on how you can survive in the professional world.


  1. Start and End Your Days with Some ‘Me’ Time. One good trick that you can use so you won’t feel totally drained at the end of the day is starting and ending it with some ‘me’ time. You can do this by waking up earlier than usual to have some alone time, or you can do it at night when you won’t feel drained with anybody’s needs but your own.


  1. Be Prepared with All Kinds of Environment. Ideally, introverts prefer working at home and alone – or in an office with just a few select people. But realistically, this won’t always be the case and that’s why you should learn to adapt to all kinds of work environment. Learn to communicate with your peers and clients every now and then, because connecting with these people is crucial in developing your career.


  1. Identify the Things That Drain You. Another great trick that you can use to survive in your daily life at work is to identify the things that exhausts you. Knowing what really drains you allows you to prepare for or decline engagements that has something to do with the stressor. If you feel drained by engaging with different groups of people in a day, then make it a habit to schedule your meetings every other day. That way, you won’t put any strain on your work-life balance while avoiding resentments brought by cancelled meetings.


  1. Stay Involved, But in Your Own Capacity. Being involved in social obligations like employee retreats large-scale conferences, and office parties is downright dreadful for any introvert. Still, there are some ways on how you can be involved with such activities without feeling drained, and that is by volunteering to be a part of a committee. Doing so will allow you to enjoy the event, while staying in control of who you’ll be interacting with.


  1. Learn to Network Virtually. Thanks to the Internet, networking can already be done at the comforts of your home. With just a few mouse clicks you can already connect like-minded people even without personally interacting with them.

Being an introverted woman in the professional world can be really hard, but by following the aforementioned tips, you’ll surely be able to survive the dreadful back-to-back meetings and reach your career goals.