A Closer Look at 25  


25 is a number representing something. 25 could be your age or the day you were born. It could also be your anniversary or the day you acquired your first job. No matter the circumstance, you look at 25 with regard and keenness. For Adele, 25 is her third studio album.


For Adele’s fans here in Singapore and around the world, 25 is something to be excited about. Adele recorded and wrote all the songs in this third album. The release will be on November 20, 2015 and to be distributed by XL Recordings. 25 followed the worldwide success of Adele’s second studio album: 21.

After releasing her second studio album in 2011, Adele planned to leave the industry but she decided to consider sabbatical instead. During this period, she took care of her son but it was not always good times. She suffered what they call a “writer’s block”. She rescheduled studio sessions because she feared that her ability is forever lost. However, she did not stop and eventually she made a breakthrough thus her third studio album.

According to Adele, 25 reflects and represents her frame of mind when she was at that specific age. The original intent of the album was to do away with heartbreak songs but it came close. According to some news, Adele is worried that people will misinterpret that she and her boyfriend, are unhappy. Before the official release of the album, Adele drew the line saying that songs represent only the past. Music journalists believe that if Adele release her songs, she would definitely dominate the year.


What to expect? Here are some of the tracks:

  • “Hello”: “Hello” is the lead single and its commercial success became a hit in twenty two countries. Adele and Greg Kurstin wrote the song and produced by the latter.
  • “Send My Love (To Your New Lover)”: This song is written by Adele, Johan Schuster and Max Martin.
  • “I Miss You”: Adele co-wrote the song with Paul Epworth.
  • “When We Were Young”: Adele co-wrote the song with Tobias Jesso Jr. and produced by Ariel Rechsthaid.
  • “Remedy”: Adele co-wrote the song with Ryan Tedder.
  • “Water Under the Bridge”: Adele once again implored the help of Greg Kurstin in this song.
  • “Love in the Dark”: Adele co-wrote the song with Samuel Dixon.
  • “Million Years Ago”: Written by Adele together with Greg Kurstin.
  • “All I Ask”: Written by Adele together with Bruno Mars, Christopher Brown, Epworth and Philip Lawrence Adkins.

We all know that Adele draw her inspiration from painful memories. Many Singaporeans like this about Adele. For sure many Singaporeans are waiting for the release very soon.