7 Makeup Brushes You Should Own


Probably by now you’ve already seen a makeup artists’ collection of makeup and other beauty tools. Most of these professionals have collections that will make our own makeup kit look paltry. Don’t worry because you don’t really need to have to own every item they have to achieve flawless makeup.


The key to perfectly-done makeup is to use the right tools. So to start, we checked out different types of makeup brushes available in the market and narrowed the essentials to seven. Trust us – these seven brushes are all you’ll need for a glamorous makeup.

1. Flat Top Foundation Brush: Unlike with standard foundation brush, this brush really buffs the foundation into the skin to make it look more natural. This synthetic brush is great for applying liquid foundation and ensures that it is applied thinly and evenly onto the skin.

2. Fluffy Powder Brush: The loosely packed bristles of the powder brush make dusting with easier in large areas that don’t require targeted application, such as the cheeks, jawline and forehead. To apply powder, swirl the brush into the product, lightly tap off excess, and dust it onto the face.

3. Blush Brush: A dust of blush onto the face won’t look natural unless it’s done using a blush brush. When looking for the right brush, remember: the softer the brush, the more subtle the application is going to be; the denser the brush, the more colour intensity you’re going to get. We recommend going for a softer brush since it’s easier to build up than reduce colour.


4. Blending Brush: This all-around eye makeup tool is a must-have in every kit. As its name implies, the blending brush is used for blending shades and creating a smoky eye look. This brush is particularly useful for those who are just starting to learn eye makeup.

5. Angled Brush: Thanks to its short, dense bristles, it’s easier to mimic the natural curve of the eyes while depositing product very precisely on the lash line. And with its angled cut bristles, it can serve the purpose of a brow brush as well. This is indeed a very versatile tool that’s great to have in a starter’s makeup kit.

6. Eyeshadow Brush: This brush is perfect for packing colours onto the eyelids. Look for one with flat, domed-shaped bristles that are made of natural hair. Choose the one with the softest brush you can find as you will be using this on the most sensitive part of the face—your eyes.

7. Lip Brush: Applying lipstick straight from the tube seems to be your easiest way out when on a rush, but using a lip brush gives you the most precise and even lipstick application. Lip brush is ideal especially when working with richer colours, like reds, purples, and oranges.

Expertly-done makeup doesn’t require a full arsenal of makeup tools. The right kinds of brushes, matched with a good eye to mix and match colours, is pretty much all you need.