5 Unique Dining Experiences Around the World

If you thought eating in chopsticks is already exotic, then what about a toilet as a food bowl or a gigantic sea creatures swimming overhead while enjoying a fancy dinner? Take your travel adventures up a notch with these unique and out-worldly dining experiences around the globe.

1. Singapore Flyer (Singapore)
Got an appetite for high altitude? The Singapore Flyer, the second largest observation wheel in the world, can arrange a posh butler-serviced dinner for you in one of their private capsule. As you rise 540 feet above the famous landmarks such as Collyer Quay and F1 Circuit, indulge into a sumptuous four-course meal with the city’s signature drink, the Singapore sling

2. Modern Toilet (Taiwan)
Perhaps, you’ve asked so many times to the waiter or waitress where the toilet is every time you try a new restaurant. But if you give this restaurant in Taiwan a shot, you won’t even be thinking of asking the same question, for sure. At Modern Toilet restaurant, you’ll be sitting on a toilet and your food will be served in a toilet as well—or rather in toilet-shaped serving bowls. The original idea is to serve only chocolate ice cream in these unique food bowls, but because of its fast growing popularity, they expanded it to include full meals.

3. Labassin Waterfalls Restaurant (Philippines)
If you are one of those who love the outdoors but not much of a thrill-seeker to jump off the world’s tallest waterfalls, this one-of-a-kind dining venue is for you. Take the adventure down a notch and dine under a gorgeously gushing waterfall instead of jumping off from it. At Labassin Waterfalls Restaurant, you get to experience traditional Filipino lunch buffet, while your feet are soaked in running water. That sure makes for a relaxing and unforgettable experience.

4. Ithaa Restaurant (Maldives)
Imagine eating caviar in the middle of the ocean. Well, you can certainly do that at Ithaa Restaurant in Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Resort. The resort’s restaurant sits 16 feet below the surface of the Indian Ocean and displays a 180-degree underwater view of marine life. Indulge into a six-course modern European dinner underwater without getting a single finger wet.

5. El Diablo Restaurant (Spain)
Dine in a restaurant seated on top of a volcano, no big deal. You just get to see the chef grilling meats on a giant griller laid over layers of basalt rock right above the bubbling lava. If you wish to experience this unique dining hub, El Diablo Restaurant is located in Timanfaya National Park in Spain, the home to the volcano that last erupted in 1824, so hopefully the possibility of it erupting while you’re enjoying your bbq is remote.
There are so many unique and unbelievable dining experiences around the world, but these by far have made to our list. Have you been to any unique restaurants before?