5 Underwear Mistakes You Might Be Making

Your underwear is your last line of defense between your intimate area and the outside world, which means wearing the wrong pair will certainly wreak havoc on your vaginal health. To keep that from happening, we listed down some of the bad underwear habits you should avoid – or stop – doing to maintain a good reproductive health.

1. Failing to Change Undies Post-Workout
When changing out of your sweaty gym shorts, ensure that you also grab a pair of clean undies. Bacteria and yeast love staying in dark, moist and warm environment – and that makes your sweaty briefs a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and fungi, so be sure to change out of them as soon as you’re done working out.

2. Going for Fancy Fabrics
According to experts, breathable cotton is the best fabric choice for your everyday underwear. If you’re choosing undies made of other fabrics, choose those with cotton crotch whenever possible. Also, if you have some impractical pairs you can’t seem to part with, only wear them on special occasions and opt for the moisture-wicking fabrics for your daily wear. Letting your lady parts breathe every once in a while will help in reducing your risk of getting infections.

3. Wearing the Same Pair Twice
Perhaps some of us are guilty of giving their underwear a repeat performance. But unless your undies are seriously spotless, avoid wearing them twice or thrice a week. Just like with sweaty undergarments, a dirty pair is also be a good breeding ground for bacteria and could put you at risk for infections. Don’t have any clean underwear in your drawer yet? Go commando – if you’re comfortable with it.

4. Opting for Thongs
If you prefer thongs over granny panties, be aware that this pair could transfer E. coli bacteria from your crack to your lady bits. Just imagine where the string slides every time you sit down in a thong. If you can’t stand panty lines or just find thongs more comfortable, opt for a pair made of cotton, change them regularly, and avoid sleeping in them. If you’re prone to developing yeast infections or any other vaginal infections, consider switching to boy shorts or briefs instead.

5. Using Scented Detergents
Experienced some rashes or infections recently? If so, ensure that you check the label of your laundry detergent. As much as possible, opt for a fragrance-free detergent and eliminate dryer sheets with fragrance. The same thing with scented soaps or body washes. Nobody expects your underwear to smell like bouquet, so ditch any product that could irritate your intimate area.

With your undies serving as the last line of defence for your intimate parts, it’s only crucial that you break the aforementioned habits to ensure that your lady bits are always in their tip top shape.