5 Secrets You Shouldn’t Keep From Your Cardiologist

Just like with any other health conditions, being honest with your cardiologist is what will assure you that you get the proper cardiac care that will help you achieve an optimal heart health. Lying to your heart doctor will only lead to further heart problems such as heart attack. Here, we have listed down some of the crucial information that you should always be upfront and honest about with your Singapore cardiologist.


1. If you are taking any form of supplement or vitamins along with your heart health medications.

Herbal remedies and alternative medicine may seem to work wonders in managing chronic conditions, but cardiologists warn that taking certain supplements might pose some serious risks if you take it along with the prescribed medications for your heart disease.

From drugs like yohimbine and alfalfa, a study conducted by a group of cardiologist in Singapore revealed that there more than two dozens of herbal products that patients with heart disease should never consider taking while in the process of treating their heart problem. That said, know and research on all the over-the-counter medications, supplements, vitamins and herbal remedies you are currently taking to avoid ingesting a potentially deadly combination of medicines.

2. If you have undergone a series of screening tests from other heart specialists.

Some patients might feel shy about admitting to their doctor that they received a second opinion or an additional screening test from another specialist – but it’s still not enough reason to keep this information from your practitioner. As you walk out of your doctor’s clinic, your goal should be to receive the best heart health care there is and not to make your Singapore cardiologist feel good about himself or herself.

If you have undergone an angiogram, echocardiogram, blood test, EKG or other series of tests from another clinic, make sure to keep your patient file from them and show it on your next appointment with your cardiologist. It is vital that your primary cardiac care specialist has all the necessary information about your heart health in order to provide you with the best heart health care possible. Also, don’t worry about offending your primary physician by getting a second opinion when you visit harley street cardiologist in Singapore for your review. Remember that you chose them to give the best health care possible, and sometimes achieving it involves seeing and being screened by multiple healthcare providers in Singapore.

3. If you ever skipped taking your prescribed medications.

Patients often lie about taking their cholesterol or blood pressure medications. Oftentimes, they believe that they no longer need to take these prescribed drugs if they just alter their diet, start an exercise program or change their lifestyle habits. While this may be true in the long term, the effects of exercising and changing your diet or habits won’t show any immediate improvements on your heart health – in fact, you might just be prolonging or worsening your heart problem. Sure, it will have some positive effects on your health, but you will still need your medications to achieve an optimal heart health.

Another potential problem might even arise if your cardiologist reads your cholesterol and blood pressure levels and notices no changes at all. He might end up giving you a prescription for a higher dose drug, if he is not aware that you have not been taking the lower dose medicines that he prescribed.


4. If you are going through some stressful times in your life.

Experiencing serious life events like the divorce, job loss or death of a loved one can cause extreme levels of stress that might significantly increase your blood pressure levels. Other than that, experiencing extreme stress might stimulate your heart to skip beats and cause you to experience some palpitations.

So as much as possible, inform your cardiologist when you experience any significant life stressors that might be affecting you. With this, they will be able to monitor your heart health more closely and prevent a heart attack from occurring during these times.

5. If you failed to stick with your dietary changes or exercise program.

Saying that you followed the dietary changes or started the exercise program that your physician gave you when you actually didn’t is not going to help you improve your current heart health. In fact, lying about such important things might cause a more serious health problem for you.

Your cardiologist in Singapore will believe you when say that you have been exercising, as well as when you confirm that you’re not experiencing any chest pain while working out. The only problem in lying about this is he or she won’t get an accurate picture of what shape your heart is currently in. Telling your doctor the truth will allow him to perform a series of screening and stress test to determine how your heart responds under the stress of performing a physical activity, and thus giving them an idea about the condition your heart is really in.

Finding a cardiologist that you can have a good relationship with and feel comfortable telling the truth is crucial. Remember that lying to your heart specialist will only worsen your condition and hurt you in the long run. So be honest and upfront with your doctor to prevent a devastating heart attack from occurring. After all, you would not want to suffer a fatal heart attack just because you were too embarrassed to tell your cardiologist the whole truth.