5 Makeup Habits That Might Be Making Your Pores Appear Bigger

There’s just something about flawless skin that all girls love and strive to achieve with the help of their daily skincare regimen. While there are numerous ways to make your pores appear smaller, there are also certain makeup habits that could make your pores look bigger than they actually are. To keep that from happening, steer clear from these makeup no-no’s to ensure that you achieve a flawless and youthful-looking skin.

1.  Failing to Remove Your Makeup

This is not just a makeup habit that can make your pores appear bigger, it’s a beauty sin in general. Failing to remove your makeup, especially on areas where your pores are the largest will allow your beauty products to clog your pores – and clogged pores mean bigger and dirtier pores. So make sure that you do some double-cleansing to ensure that every bit of product is removed before it hits the sheets.

2.  Using Dirty Makeup Tools

Whether you admit or not, we’re all guilty of not washing our makeup brushes regularly. But aside from being completely unhygienic, using unclean beauty tools will only help dirt and bacteria accumulate in your pores, causing them to enlarge in the process. So be sure to give your tools a good cleaning every time you use them to prevent any skin mishaps from occurring.

3.  Applying Too Much Powder on Your Nose

If you’re blessed with oily skin, then you might’ve relied on powder just to keep your T-zone dry. While it’ll greatly help in keeping the oiliness at bay, the powder could crawl into your pores through the day and enlarge them. Rather than using too much powder and risking a cakey makeup, opt to use a blotting paper to manage your facial oils instead.

4.  Using Your Fingers to Apply Your Makeup

While there’s no harm in using your fingers or a sponge blender in applying your foundation, using a makeup brush will definitely give you better coverage. A makeup brush with soft bristles and volume will be able to touch those hard-to-reach areas on your face, while blurring your pores more effectively.

5.  Putting On Too Much Foundation

Your foundation is meant to enhance your skin and not suffocate it. Apply too much, and it’ll end up emphasizing your pores and other crevices on your face like the wrinkles and fine lines. So opt for a lighter coverage to ensure that your makeup won’t go awry.

A person’s pore size is actually genetic, but that doesn’t mean that good makeup habits and proper hygiene can’t make your big pores appear smaller. In fact, simply putting the aforementioned tips to work will already help you get the pore-less and flawless skin that you’ve always wanted.