5 Habits That May Be Sabotaging Your Career

While your colleagues are getting promoted one after another, you’re probably wondering why your career remained stagnant. So if you’re planning to step up in the professional ladder, then it’s time that you start re-evaluating yourself and see if you’re committing any of the following habits that may be sabotaging your career.

Businesswoman using digital tablet in lobby

  1. Staying Quiet During Company Meetings. If there’s one thing that you should do during meetings, it would be voicing out your ideas. Staying silent throughout the meeting sends a message that you’re somewhat disengaged in the group’s discussion. So if you want to get promoted, try to actively participate in each meeting, and make sure that you give innovative and positive ideas that will help the company and your team.
  1. Complaining. Constantly complaining about certain things only magnifies the problem, and wastes both your time and productivity. Instead of complaining all the time, learn to accept that there are just things that you can’t change. If you have some good ideas, try suggesting them to benefit you, your colleagues and your company.
  1. Playing the Blame Game. Although there’s no need for you to be Ms. Congeniality all the time, it would still be good if you stop being a person who always puts the blame on other people. Pointing fingers at someone else just because you lack the necessary experience, skills, appropriate behaviour and sound judgment will only make you look an unlikeable and disagreeable person.


  1. Being Too Emotional. If you frequently experience sudden bouts of anger, frustration and sadness, it only shows that you’re not capable of controlling your emotions properly. Being too emotional might cause the people around you to think that you can’t manage your feelings and that it might be difficult for you to maintain a certain level of professionalism.
  1. Making Excuses. When you made a mistake, excuses rarely help in redeeming yourself. If you came in late for an important meeting, just apologize and don’t go whining about how you were stuck in traffic. Saying sorry while making excuses will only imply that you do regret being late, but it’ll also make you appear defensive.

Moving forward into the professional ladder can really be a challenging one if you’re practising any of the aforementioned habits. So changing your working habits now and bring your best foot forward instead.