5 Bridesmaid Hairstyles Ideal for Almost Any Wedding Celebration

While it really feels good to be involved in a wedding ceremony – a bridesmaid at that – it can actually be quite stressful than being an ordinary wedding guest. Lots of eyes will be focusing on you compared to the other attendees and that means you’ll have to put an extra effort to look your best. Luckily, you can still look pretty and polished without upstaging the bride by wearing any of the following hairstyles.


  1. Low-Slung Ponytail. Although a standard ponytail may seem too casual for the formal event, wearing it in a low-slung style will definitely be a perfect way to tame your long hair without going for an up-do. With its loose, wavy texture and high-gloss finish, you’ll definitely have an effortless but not all too casual look.
  1. Braided Bun. If you want to ditch all kinds of ponytail and have your long locks up, then a sporting a simple braid pulled back into a bun would be your best bet. You can brush your hair to get a smoother look first, or skip it entirely and just add a dollop of texturizing cream for a messier look.


  1. Messy Bun. Regardless of how good your technique may be, a straightforward top knot is just too casual for most weddings, making it one of the no-no hairstyles to have in a wedding. If you’re still planning to wear this up-do however, use some long pins to twirl the lengths of your hair into a messy bun, then add some volume at the crown using your finger before securing the bun with another pin.
  1. Wavy Bob. More of a bob girl? Then a perfectly waved bob is the best hairstyle for you. With its shiny finish and loose set, you’ll surely get a perfect bob hairstyle that’s not too retro or too done. Just rub a little styling cream into your tips to break up the curls and get a rather piece-y effect.
  1. Sleek Side Part. If you want something elegant but not too prissy, then a sleek side part would be the best hairstyle for you. Skip your straightener for this one though, since your round brush and blow dryer is already enough to get that clean, shiny finish that you want.

With these selection of bridesmaid hairstyles, coming up with pretty and polished look without going over the top already became easier and simpler. Just choose the style that perfectly matches your cut and see how the guest would stare at you as also walk down the aisle.