5 Beauty Woes You Experience When Travelling

Travelling can really be a great experience. You get to discover new places, taste new foods, or even simply bask under the sun. But while it can be an exciting experience, it can also take some toll on your body. From sunburn to some other skin issues, there’s just a heap of beauty problems that you can experience on the road. Luckily, these problems now have easy solutions. So whether you spend your vacation exploring various art galleries, or lounging on the beach, make sure to check our quick fixes for each of the following beauty woes.


  1. Sunburn. Sunburns are among the common beauty problems that we experience when we spend so much time lounging under the sun. Fortunately, the stinging pain of this beauty woe can be quickly remedied by simply jumping into a cold shower, and applying some aloe-infused sunburn lotion or balm. These fixes will surely aid in soothing the burnt area and giving you a rather fresh after-bath feeling.


  1. Breakouts. If you constantly travel by air, then you probably know that airplanes are one of the not so skin-friendly places as it can cause some major acne breakouts. An easy way to prevent this is to stick with your usual beauty regimen. Make sure that you keep your skin clean while on board. Also, make it a habit to apply all your pre-bedtime creams and serums, then top it off with your non-comedogenic moisturizer. If you want, you can even rehydrate your skin by putting a brightening facial mask. Your skin will surely thank you for that.


  1. Oiliness. Glowing skin may be in this summer, but greasy-looking skin? Not really. Luckily, you can now get rid of that extra slick by using oil absorbing sheets to blot the excess shine. Start your prep work by using a non-greasy moisturizer and sunscreen to help you manage your oil production throughout the day. Planning to put some makeup on? Keep it from melting away by using oil controlling setting sprays. This will definitely keep excess oil at bay and make you look fresh all day long.


  1. Greasy Hair. Other than greasy-looking skin, travelling can also give you greasy and lifeless locks. Flat, lifeless hair is often caused by sodium ion treated water and an easy way to combat its effects is to use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner. Follow it up with your volumizing mousse, blow dry your hair upside down, and you’ll get back your usual hair that’s full of bounce and life.


  1. Puffy Red Eyes. Travelling is undeniably fun, but sleepless nights can certainly leave you not just feeling, but looking exhausted as well. A good and easy remedy for this? Keep your eye area well moisturized. Restoring the moisture in that area will aid in reducing the appearance of tired eyes. Opt for cooling eye patches, or lubricating eye drops to keep your eyes properly moisturized.

Remedying your travel beauty woes may seem difficult, but by keeping each beauty solution, you’ll definitely be able to enjoy your vacation without constantly worrying of your beauty problems.