Why You Should Start Boxing Today

Boxing is an awesome physical activity. It’s a form of healthy exercise, it can be done for stress relief, and it’s even an essential life skill. Whether you want to be a professional, or just do it for exercise, here are some reasons you should try boxing.

For self-defense

Learning to box can actually be considered an essential life skill. Most of the time, when tension arises and talking it out doesn’t work anymore, you might be forced to use your fist. Boxing is one of the many effective approaches to defending one’s self as you’ll learn strike efficiently while also anticipating the other person’s attacks. 

It is a great workout

Boxing is an incredible full-body workout. Many people assume that it focuses mainly on the upper body because of all the punching but this isn’t actually so. The legs and the core are obviously important for stability and movement but also play a huge role in adding power to punches. Boxing is also an extraordinary cardio exercise. There’s a lot of running involved, intense punching drills, and strength training that will leave you gasping for air (in a good way).

Improves coordination

Good eye-hand coordination is required and also developed in boxing. When using a speed bag or sparring against someone, you’re sharpening your coordination and ability to react to certain movements effectively. Your improved coordination will then translate to your day to day activities naturally. Like if your work involves a lot of physical movement, for example.

To relieve stress

Can you imagine how satisfying it is to punch a dummy bag after a long, tiring day at work? Boxing allows you to release all the anger and stress that has been piling up on you through your fists. And just like in other physical activities, it also boosts our production of endorphins which can leave us in a better and more positive mood.

Mental toughness

Boxing is just as much a game for the mind as it is for the body, that’s one reason why it’s called “The Sweet Science”. It allows you to enhance your mental strength, especially on the ring where you’re always under pressure of getting hit by the opponent. This disciplines you to use your mind sharply when the situation calls for it.

Allows for more social interactions

Whether you go to Spartan Boxing, Ares Fight Club, or wherever, you’ll see that there are also a lot of people who are into boxing. You’ll learn and share knowledge with these people no matter if they are professional fighters or just boxing for leisure and exercise. This is because most boxing gyms have a very warm and welcoming environment, contrary to what many might think.