What Your Eyebrow Artist Wants You to Know

At one point or another, we’ve all experienced an eyebrow disaster. Whether it’s over-plucking or failing to realize you had a uni-brow, each of us has had at least experienced some eyebrow-induced drama – and we’d later bear the wrath of our professional eyebrow artist. So for those of us who’d want to avoid hearing a lecture the next time we go in for some touch-up, here a few things that your eyebrow artist wished you knew.

1. Leave the Grooming to the Professionals
When grooming your eyebrows, we often forget that no eyebrows are identical and that usually causes us to over-pluck. Also, since we don’t fully understand how to get a better arch, we often end up tweezing in the wrong places, causing us to get rainbow brows. So if there’s one thing that your eyebrow expert would want to tell you, it’d be to drop your tweezers and let the pros do the grooming of your brows.

2. Clean-Ups Should be Performed Every Month
It’d be best to perform a clean-up every month, or whenever your eyebrow hair starts getting unruly. Regardless of the schedule you choose, it’s crucial not to tweeze in between so your eyebrow strands stay on the same growth schedule. So stop any unnecessary tweezing, and see how manageable your eyebrows will become.

3. Get Expert Advice Before Reshaping Your Brows
No matter what kind of eyebrows you’re born with, remember that you won’t be stuck with them as long as you work with the right expert. A reshaping is often done when a client visits the clinic for the first time with her overgrown eyebrows. Just keep in mind that it’s possible to get a completely different shape even without actually removing a lot of hair. Also, be sure to wait four to six weeks before going in for another reshaping session to get the best results.

4. Your Brow Shape Should Match Your Face Shape
When working with your eyebrows, always remember to tweak it according to your face shape. A round face can have an arched and longer brow to off-set the roundness, while a pushed-back natural arch is perfect for long faces. Heart-shaped faces, on the other hand, look better with a softer arch while those with square faces should opt for an angular arch to draw attention away from the jaw.

5. Maintain Your Cowlicks
Your eyebrows, just like your hair, also have cowlicks. This occurs when small sections of your hair grow in a different direction than the rest of your eyebrow. Managing cowlicks can be tricky, but it’s possible. All you’ve got to do is trim it and carefully work around it. Remember, your brows are about symmetry, which means removing your cowlicks will only make your eyebrows look off.

Grooming your eyebrows isn’t as difficult as you think. By simply keeping these expert tips in mind, you can already get the perfect arch that you’ve always wanted.