Tips on Getting your Car Properly Washed

Some Singaporeans have become reluctant to getting their cars washed in car shops having been made aware that most of these shops are not using the right car washing tools. As a result, these cars would end up with unsightly light swirl marks. Car enthusiasts are well aware that getting the most from car washing entails not just using the right car washing tools but also other considerations to keep in mind. Here are some basic tips on how to properly wash your car and get the best results out of it:


Use the right car washing tools

It is important to use the right car washing tools if you want to make the most out of your car washing. The automobile industry nowadays have produced a wide range of car washing supplies to choose from that cater to different car washing needs. What’s most important to keep in mind is you use separate washing tools that are specifically designed for car washing.

Wash the wheels and tires first

The first step when it comes to car washing is to clean the grimiest and dirtiest part of the car. This would be your car’s wheels and tires. It would be more practical to do it this way as you can expect dirt to be splashed on the upper parts of the car while you clean the wheels and tires. This makes it impractical to clean the upper portion of the body first knowing that it’s going to get messy again later on.


Make an initial rinse

Completely rinse off your car before you go ahead and wash the different areas of the car. This would help loosen up any debris on the car and make it easier to wash them off later on. Make sure the windows are completely closed and the antenna is well drawn back before doing the rinse, though.

Use the two bucket system

Start washing from the upper portion to the lower portion of the car. Use a two bucket system where you’ll use two separate buckets for holding the car soap solution and for holding the clean water to rinse off with. Rinse off your car wash mitt or sponge first on the rinsing water before dumping it on the soap solution. Do this as often as necessary.

Dry your car properly

Make sure your car is properly dried off with your wiping towel. Do not let you car air dry by letting it dry off under the sun or by driving it around the neighborhood. These would only unwanted water spots on your car’s surface.